Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life as we knew it book review

3.  Explain the position of the opposition and provide counterargument.  (10)

      Over all, i believe that i would recommend this book to someone in with its faults because of how fast of a read it is and how is it is to comprehend. Even though, some events throughtout the book are perdicatable. I would specially recommend this book to young adults and teens because they would just fall in love with it. But, the fact that it is set up in journal entries also helps with the fast paste reading , that leads readers into just going through it in matter of days to hours if committed. The way also how the author describes all the disasters happening right after the asteriod hitting the moon. That eventually lead every family around the world to follow the saying of "only the fittest will surive" and the weak will die.
      But, some people believe that way that some events might have been too predictable made it boring and to easy for a read. That lead them to hate the book and never pick it up. Also, the way it was step up made people feel that they werent getting enough information. An that the author wasnt going to into depth to make it a little bit harder for the reader to figure out with the protaganist did what she did and the other characters around her as well. Thats what made it such a good book unlike others were their like 500 pages long with very complicated words that you may have no clue what they mean. The fact that it was in a journal form made it a faster read because next thing you knew you were more than half way done and then finished. Also, the fact in how the author described and led up to the disaster help build up excitment for the ending. In the end, i would highly recommend this book to someone if they wanted to read something exciting.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Why the book was selected?

Over all, I chose this book because i love history specially world war II and like last time i some how ended up doing a fiction world war II, now i will try to redeem myself by reading a non fiction this time.

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