Sunday, November 20, 2011

Would you recommend this book to other AP students?

I wouldnt recommend this book to other AP students because its very short and theirs barely any detail in it. But, it s also another person s point view towards the war. Even , though you can pretty much take the samething from a movie because its all the same events. Other than, how they emotionally handle death all around them and the combat.

Summarize the book.

Its over all about Scott Pendleton Collins and his journeys through his european campaign in world war 2. Its starts in going away party for him before he gets shipped out and he is looking at his parents living room wall seeing his dad s and grandpa pictures from the past wars.  Then, he lands on Omaha beach and makes through all it obstacles. Then, after taking the beach, his company moves out and starts taking more of Normandy, that will eventually lead to the liberation of France. He eventually keeps on getting more inland and comes into a few obstacles as well. Eventually, starts losing a lot of his friends and then replacements take their place. Even, though he never wants to get close to them other than his friends that are still with him because scared of getting too attached. The Nazi threat is slowly decreasing and the german threat is retreating back. Then, his company goes into St Lo,France and its the bloodiest battle he has ever been in because of the his friends dying next him. This scares the hell out of him because its matter of time before he gets replaced like the others. After, St Lo, is company is sent to take Hill 203 and his company just gets chopped up with so many casualties. That eventually his friend Bobby Joe notices that he has been shot in the leg but Scott hadnt noticed it. It eventually leads him into going back to england to heal and then back home because by the time he is healed the war is over. He finally gets his picture put up in his parents living room for his service in the war when he comes home.

the best chapter or section of the book. Why?

I think that the last 20 pages of the book are the best because it has the most action in it. His platoon has to go up Hill 203 and its heavly fortified by the germans and 2/3 of it gets killed and then his friend Bobby Joe noticed that Scott had been shot in the leg and called for a medic and then he went to england to heal and then home.

analyze the author’s tone (pg 37)

Scott's tone in this page is very happy because his platoon is on reserve. So, he can sit back and relax but his told by his captain not to get to frisky. But, he ends up taking his first two showers in Normandy and gets 9 hours of sleep. This is the first time since the invasion to actually rest without worrying about combat.

List and number ten significant events that occur in the story chronologically plus explanation

1. Scott looks at his living room wall with the pictures of his dad and grandfather.
 Scott wants his picture to be up next to theirs but doesnt feel that he has earned it because he hasnt fought in a war yet.

2. His company is on the, The Jefferson, gets a letter from Gen. Einsenhower explaining the situation.
  Scott knows now that the invasion is about to begin and prays for god that he makes it through.

3.Scott lands on Omaha beach.
While, going through the beach, he is seeing all of his friends getting chopped up by the machine guns with no chance in surviving.

4. Third day in Normandy and Scott decided to write his mom a letter.
It s letting his family know that he is alive even though he cant give his location.

5.His company moves into the city of Couvains,France.
While, in the city, his company gets zeroed by mortars and must get cover in buildings.

6. His unit got lectured by a chaplain.
The chaplain pretty much gave information about why they were fighting in the war and also some information about how hitler came to power.

7.Went on his first patrol to check out a house.
It always had a candle by one of its windows so scott and a few others went and checked it out so who ever was living in it wouldnt give their position away.

8.Scott receives a lettter from his mom.
She tells him everything that is going on back home but nothing relating to what he wrote her so he is suspicious about if any family is receiving any letters from them.

9. Got orders to move 500 yards from where they where at.
It was a false order because they found out later that the command post never gave that order. So, a few germans can speak perfect english.This scared Scott because him and his company may be going to a trap one of these times.

10. A doctor notices something wrong with Scott's left leg.
It was actually a shot wound but it was too cold to actually feel any pain from it and he was sent back to england and then home because by the time he was healed the war was over.

two places that are mentioned in the book

One of the places mentioned in the book was Omaha beach. It was one of the beaches that was assualted on D-Day. The weather had been rainy and cloudy all throughout the day and it had choppy waters. It was fortified with mines,walls, barbed wire, etc. To keep the allies from advancing into Normady and into to taking France. Their were also bunkers built after the beaches so they could set up machine guns inside and just destroy anyone trying to take the beach. Another place described in the book was St Lo, France, where one of the bloodiest battles were fought. Most of it was rumble by the time Scott reached it because of the bombings of the city and continous fighting. Their were also fortifications all over the city and some streets were blocked with debry from the buildings and the vehicles.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

most important people or entities in the book

I think that the most important people in this book is, Scott Pendleton Collins and Bobby Joe, because scott always include's him in his entries. They go through everything together and keep each other from breaking with all the death and destruction around them. Over all, Scott is rather quite and doesnt have much confidence in making it through everything and being able to see his family again and the girl back home that he likes. He follows all the orders that he is given but he never wants to get too close with comrades because if they do get killed so he wont get haunted by their faces when he sleeps. Scott mostly keeps to himself and always has negative thoughts towards the statements that his friends say but never actually says what actually thinks. But, on the hand, Bobby Joe was always the star in everything back home but after a few weeks in combat, he forgets about what he has accomplished and just wants to kill as many germans. So, they can get closer to hitler and end the war. Bobby Joe is also like Scott at some points but sometimes he can be a hot head. But, they have each others back when it comes down to it.

Explaination of the title and how it relates to the book.

The name of this book is called, The Journal of Scott Pendleton Collins, and it s over all self explanatory because that s what it is a journal of his adventures throught his campaign through Europe during world war 2.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Walter Dean Myers Bio

Walter Dean Myers is an African American author of young adult literature. Myers has written over fifty books, including novels and nonfiction works. He has won the Coretta Scott King Award for African American authors five times.One of his novels, Fallen Angels, has made the American Library Association's list of frequently challanged books due to adult language and its realistic depiction of the Vietnam War. But, theirs some banned books that he has written like, Fallen Angels, Fast Sam and Hoops. Myers was born in August 12, Martinsburg, West Virginia.

MLA documentation

Myers,Walter.The Journal of Scott Pendleton Collins.Scholastic;New York,NY;2007.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

i write because writing has saved me

over all, writing can inspire into the young lad, that you once were so you can re open your eyes to the truth. Instead, of the lies that the world and the people around tell you. It gives you a voice in the world than just being kept inside as your own opinion.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

why i chose my book?

I chose the book, "the journal of scott pendleton collins," because it s a journal of ww2 veteran that talks about all his experiences throughout the war. I also love world war 2 history and i also wanted to learn something new from a new person s point of view other than doing band of bother s that i have seen even though the book has more to it than that from the mini series

Monday, October 10, 2011

why i write

why i write by orwell was very repeatitive with , "i write" and it was actually very boring even though it had some useful information in why people should write.