Saturday, November 19, 2011

most important people or entities in the book

I think that the most important people in this book is, Scott Pendleton Collins and Bobby Joe, because scott always include's him in his entries. They go through everything together and keep each other from breaking with all the death and destruction around them. Over all, Scott is rather quite and doesnt have much confidence in making it through everything and being able to see his family again and the girl back home that he likes. He follows all the orders that he is given but he never wants to get too close with comrades because if they do get killed so he wont get haunted by their faces when he sleeps. Scott mostly keeps to himself and always has negative thoughts towards the statements that his friends say but never actually says what actually thinks. But, on the hand, Bobby Joe was always the star in everything back home but after a few weeks in combat, he forgets about what he has accomplished and just wants to kill as many germans. So, they can get closer to hitler and end the war. Bobby Joe is also like Scott at some points but sometimes he can be a hot head. But, they have each others back when it comes down to it.

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