Sunday, November 20, 2011

two places that are mentioned in the book

One of the places mentioned in the book was Omaha beach. It was one of the beaches that was assualted on D-Day. The weather had been rainy and cloudy all throughout the day and it had choppy waters. It was fortified with mines,walls, barbed wire, etc. To keep the allies from advancing into Normady and into to taking France. Their were also bunkers built after the beaches so they could set up machine guns inside and just destroy anyone trying to take the beach. Another place described in the book was St Lo, France, where one of the bloodiest battles were fought. Most of it was rumble by the time Scott reached it because of the bombings of the city and continous fighting. Their were also fortifications all over the city and some streets were blocked with debry from the buildings and the vehicles.

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