Sunday, November 20, 2011

List and number ten significant events that occur in the story chronologically plus explanation

1. Scott looks at his living room wall with the pictures of his dad and grandfather.
 Scott wants his picture to be up next to theirs but doesnt feel that he has earned it because he hasnt fought in a war yet.

2. His company is on the, The Jefferson, gets a letter from Gen. Einsenhower explaining the situation.
  Scott knows now that the invasion is about to begin and prays for god that he makes it through.

3.Scott lands on Omaha beach.
While, going through the beach, he is seeing all of his friends getting chopped up by the machine guns with no chance in surviving.

4. Third day in Normandy and Scott decided to write his mom a letter.
It s letting his family know that he is alive even though he cant give his location.

5.His company moves into the city of Couvains,France.
While, in the city, his company gets zeroed by mortars and must get cover in buildings.

6. His unit got lectured by a chaplain.
The chaplain pretty much gave information about why they were fighting in the war and also some information about how hitler came to power.

7.Went on his first patrol to check out a house.
It always had a candle by one of its windows so scott and a few others went and checked it out so who ever was living in it wouldnt give their position away.

8.Scott receives a lettter from his mom.
She tells him everything that is going on back home but nothing relating to what he wrote her so he is suspicious about if any family is receiving any letters from them.

9. Got orders to move 500 yards from where they where at.
It was a false order because they found out later that the command post never gave that order. So, a few germans can speak perfect english.This scared Scott because him and his company may be going to a trap one of these times.

10. A doctor notices something wrong with Scott's left leg.
It was actually a shot wound but it was too cold to actually feel any pain from it and he was sent back to england and then home because by the time he was healed the war was over.

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