Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Some shortcomings that this book had was that it was too short and could have been longer if the author could have done more research and added it to the book. To know more about what truly happended that day. Other than that it didnt really have any shortcomings.


The most praiseworthy of this book was in how it goes into detail and how it has different stories in every field that made D-Day possible to accomplish. An the fact that it wasnt a fiction book and i wasnt lied to this time.

Main idea of the book or theme

The main idea of the book is to inform the reader, in what truly happened on D-Day. An what led up to it and what actions had to be taken and as well what men stepped up and led his men to victory. Even, with the great losses that day brought. But, also what secret missions were taken to get as much information as possible before going in and getting the job done. To minimize the death toll and over all the main idea of this book was inform people of a day that changed our history for ever.

compare and contrast this book and my last book

Both of the books I read were about world war 2 because im fascinated by it and if able to travel back in time I would go back to the beginning of it to join the marines or airborne to fight against the axis. My last book that I read was, The journal of scott pendleton collins and of which I read True Stories of D-Day , this time. That this a non fiction book instead of a fiction of which the journal of scott pendleton collins was and I was lied to. Over all, the key differences between has to be the depth of the details and the term usage when it came to weaponary and vehicles. That made the book I read for this book evalution 10x better than the last.

3 events!

Some incidents that happend in this book were the capturing of men, the death of many on the beaches and the exhausten with the training and what Allies forces when through to capture Normandy and move inland. Their was a lot of capturing of special ops on both the axis and allied sides of which some were torched to get information. For example, in the book many british special forces were captured and torched for information but in the end they gave nothing but lies about advancements of the allied forces so they could have the upper hand. Of which, death was another major incident of many of which died before making it the whole way to the beach or even stepping on it because they got tarred up with the mg 42 s stationed in the bunkers on the beaches. That increased the death toll in the war for the allied forces. Also, the training and the tasks assigned to a number of soldiers for their specialty. Like in pointe du huc were the allied forces had to climb a cliff before facing the enemy of which led to many deaths because it was a slaughter house. To the fault of the altitude advantage of the enemy that could shoot them down before even reaching half way up.

Most important element

The most important element to this story are the events that took place for D-Day to happen and executated with minor losses all throughout. But also, the dialogue of it in how informative it was with every detail to let the reader know what truely happened that led the Allies to win that battle. Both of these elements helped explain what the author was trying to get across to the reader. Some events happen before and after D-Day, that made it what it is today that all that happen. It was very good explain with the detail of the events and the way the author described them.

Mood of the book

This book was mostly suspenseful in situations, serious in others in facing death and desperate in getting revenge for what the Nazi party was doing. It was serious most of the times when, " for months, the soldiers had been herded from one isolated training camp to the next, forbidden to see their families and friends." For the reason, that the Allies didnt know when they would be able to strict because of the weather so they had to be strict when it came to giving passes to soldiers to go home and then comeback. But, at times in some situtions the book was very desperate like stated in page 9, " Churchill had been desperate to witness the strike into France." That made him and many other commanding officers anxious and annoyed as well because they were ready to strike back and take back what Germany had taken. Also, at times suspenseful when it came to the waiting to hear if the misson was successful or not Of which life or death situations was a big one like stated in page 26, " after a few minutes of keeping their heads down, they crept into the dunes and waited until their stretch of the beach was deserted."  That was for many men their situations at times because they faced death at every corner they turned to. Over all, leads this book to have variety of moods/or tones in some cases in what the action or situation it is.