Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mood of the book

This book was mostly suspenseful in situations, serious in others in facing death and desperate in getting revenge for what the Nazi party was doing. It was serious most of the times when, " for months, the soldiers had been herded from one isolated training camp to the next, forbidden to see their families and friends." For the reason, that the Allies didnt know when they would be able to strict because of the weather so they had to be strict when it came to giving passes to soldiers to go home and then comeback. But, at times in some situtions the book was very desperate like stated in page 9, " Churchill had been desperate to witness the strike into France." That made him and many other commanding officers anxious and annoyed as well because they were ready to strike back and take back what Germany had taken. Also, at times suspenseful when it came to the waiting to hear if the misson was successful or not Of which life or death situations was a big one like stated in page 26, " after a few minutes of keeping their heads down, they crept into the dunes and waited until their stretch of the beach was deserted."  That was for many men their situations at times because they faced death at every corner they turned to. Over all, leads this book to have variety of moods/or tones in some cases in what the action or situation it is.

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