Wednesday, April 4, 2012

3 events!

Some incidents that happend in this book were the capturing of men, the death of many on the beaches and the exhausten with the training and what Allies forces when through to capture Normandy and move inland. Their was a lot of capturing of special ops on both the axis and allied sides of which some were torched to get information. For example, in the book many british special forces were captured and torched for information but in the end they gave nothing but lies about advancements of the allied forces so they could have the upper hand. Of which, death was another major incident of many of which died before making it the whole way to the beach or even stepping on it because they got tarred up with the mg 42 s stationed in the bunkers on the beaches. That increased the death toll in the war for the allied forces. Also, the training and the tasks assigned to a number of soldiers for their specialty. Like in pointe du huc were the allied forces had to climb a cliff before facing the enemy of which led to many deaths because it was a slaughter house. To the fault of the altitude advantage of the enemy that could shoot them down before even reaching half way up.

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