Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Purpose of the book!

Over all, this book was to meant to inform people of what truly happened and went on in the background during world war 2. That showed men willing do anything for their country to live free and bring freedom to the rest of the world if possible. For example, in Mr X meets the Desert Fox, men enlisted into the special forces to do secret missions that would could change who had the upper hand in the war. Also, in The Red Devils go to it, were volunteer men that wanted to be commando s that would go through hell to get the job done. In, both sections, the men trained till they couldnt feel anything at all so that they would be good at their specialty. Both sections gave a new perspective and inform of what they had to go through first before going into battle and die for their country if necessary and know that they died for the next man to be able to accomplish their mission.

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