Sunday, November 20, 2011

Summarize the book.

Its over all about Scott Pendleton Collins and his journeys through his european campaign in world war 2. Its starts in going away party for him before he gets shipped out and he is looking at his parents living room wall seeing his dad s and grandpa pictures from the past wars.  Then, he lands on Omaha beach and makes through all it obstacles. Then, after taking the beach, his company moves out and starts taking more of Normandy, that will eventually lead to the liberation of France. He eventually keeps on getting more inland and comes into a few obstacles as well. Eventually, starts losing a lot of his friends and then replacements take their place. Even, though he never wants to get close to them other than his friends that are still with him because scared of getting too attached. The Nazi threat is slowly decreasing and the german threat is retreating back. Then, his company goes into St Lo,France and its the bloodiest battle he has ever been in because of the his friends dying next him. This scares the hell out of him because its matter of time before he gets replaced like the others. After, St Lo, is company is sent to take Hill 203 and his company just gets chopped up with so many casualties. That eventually his friend Bobby Joe notices that he has been shot in the leg but Scott hadnt noticed it. It eventually leads him into going back to england to heal and then back home because by the time he is healed the war is over. He finally gets his picture put up in his parents living room for his service in the war when he comes home.

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